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Welcome to the Dolls Digest, the online doll magazine and doll store from the Doll Hospital in Old Town Spring, Texas.  Now taking the next step into the big leagues after 27 years in business.  Dolls Digest offers the best of both worlds, doll stores and magazines where the most updated industry information and articles on the upkeep of your dolls.  Dolls Digest will keep their eyes and ears open on a daily basis to pass on the latest in doll designs, fashion, clothing and new lines of dolls.  Now with ability to offer Alexander, Middleton, Adora, Ginny, Molly P, Life of Faith and Berenguer plus many more online and all over the world.  Special collectors series are offered in our doll stores and we send notices to all those who have joined our newsletters.  Antiques are also a specialty in our doll stores.  Besides antiques, doll stores is owned by the Doll Hospital who has specialized in doll repair for 27 years in the same location.